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Camera Service, Digital Installation, SNS Photo Print Service
若年層の来場者を増加させること、来場者のコミュニケーションを増やすことを目的に、東京ドームで開催する読売ジャイアンツ戦全試合に2016年から3年連続でSnSnapのサービスを年間導入していただいております。 サービスは毎年変更して提供しております。 ※オーロラビジョンに画像を投影するデジタルサイネージサービス「#SnSnapWall」は毎年導入。 2017年に導入した「#MirrorSnap」では、読売ジャイアンツのマスコットキャラクター「ジャビットくん」になりきれたり、2018年に導入した「#MagicClip」では、まるでフィールドにいるかのような動画を撮影できたりと、来場者へ“特別な体験” を提供しました。また、SNSに投稿した写真はプリントアウトして持ち帰っていただくだけでなく、球場内のオーロラビジョンでも投影。 “特別な瞬間” を創り出すことで、オーロラビジョンに写った瞬間を撮影し再投稿するという2次拡散につなげることができました。
Since 2016, SnSnap’s services have been introduced at all Yomiuri Giants games held at Tokyo Dome—three years in a row—to increase the number of young individuals who attend the game and to increase visitor communication during games. Every year, the services offered are changed. (Digital signage service “#SnSnapWall” which projects images to the big screen is introduced every year) With “#MirrorSnap” introduced in 2017, visitors could turn into the Yomiuri Giants mascot characters, and with #MagicClip” introduced in 2018, movies were captured as if the visitors were standing in the baseball field. These services offered a unique experience to visitors. In addition, photos shared on social media could be printed and taken home or even reflected on the big screen in the baseball stadium, which created a very special moment for participants. This created an opportunity for participants to recapture their photos whether in card-form or on the big screen and share again on social media. This capturing the moment → reposting (on social media) encourages participants to share their experiences which leads to an increase in social media activity.
[Service Introduction and Results]
■ In 2016, social media printing service #SnSnap along with #SnSnapWall, which projects photos with designated hashtags onto the baseball stadium’s big screen, were provided.
■ In 2017, we offered #MirrorSnap equipped with facial recognition technology which can transform a face into the Yomiuri Giants official mascot “Jabbit-kun” along with #SnSnapWall which was provided the previous year.
■In 2018, we offered two services including #MagicClip and #SnSnapPro. #MagicClip shoots videos which captures the participant dancing with Jabbit-kun and official mascot girl “Venus”. #SnSnapPro prints out bright orange cards with the Yomiuri Giants logo.