Video Booth Service



Instantly generate movies with a new sensation.


Synthesize videos and add BGM (music) prepared in advance in real time to backgrounds and props, and instantly generate movies with a new sensation. It is also possible to recognize shapes of images, logos, etc. to make special frames appear to capture. Attach an option to print out data and take it home as a commemoration gift.



・外形寸法 : W510mm H1,450mm D350mm

・設置条件 : WiFiもしくは有線LAN環境 (スペース:3㎡〜)



・出力可能な製品:両面デザイン可能のプラスチックカード(W:54mm ,H:85.6mm , D:0.7mm)

・Design area: digital frame (animation is possible)
※Body wrapping option available

・External dimensions : W510mm H1,450mm D350mm

・Installation conditions: Wi-Fi or wired LAN environment (space:3㎡〜)

・Data delivery method: email address, QR code, AirDrop, become friends on LINE

・Photo shooting pattern:still image, video, GIF video, boomerang video

・Outputable products: plastic card with double-sided design (W:54mm ,H:85.6mm , D:0.7mm)