Camera Sevice



Capture original videos
which can only be taken on the spot
and save memories from that day as data.


Photoshoot with limited edition frames, stamps, images/movies with animation. You can prepare multiple frames, customize with features such as facial recognition technology, stamping, drawing, etc. Compact size, easy to carry model.



size use


・外形寸法 : W:400mm、H1,200mm〜1,550mm、D:400mm

・設置条件 : WiFiもしくは有線LAN環境




・Design area:Digital Frame (Animation is possible)

・External dimensions : W:400mm、H1,200mm〜1,550mm、D:400mm

・Installation conditions : Wi-Fi or wired LAN environment

・Data delivery method: email address, QR code, AirDrop, become friends on LINE

・Photo shooting pattern: still image, video, GIF video, boomerang video

・Additional functions: facial recognition, stamps, drawing, special filters