Camera Sevice



360°photo service which can be shared,
capture videos as if in another world.


Have a photoshoot inside a box with great presence. Combine with an unreal world such as an admirable city or anime with 360° material. By doing so, create 360° photos as if one traveled to that place. The synthesized data can be delivered to the user in real time. In addition, multiple backgrounds can be selected. You can offer a "unique but unrealistic" experience.



・外形寸法 : H2,000mm x W1,500mm D1,800mm

・設置条件 : WiFiもしくは有線LAN環境 (スペース:4㎡〜)


・Design area:whole body, digital frame

・External dimensions : H2,000mm x W1,500mm D1,800mm

・Installation conditions : Wi-Fi or wired LAN environment (space:4㎡〜)

・Data delivery method: email address, QR code, AirDrop, become friends on LINE