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We support the company's marketing consistently through planning promotion strategy, planning and creative production at the event, and analysis.

Our Services

We have various products that support brand marketing with special experience and visual communication.
Services engineered to supply new user experiences on the Web. In addition to real-time events, the lineup is also a superb source of online promotions and other uses.
Digital invitaion service utilize LINE, that can also be used for visitor management in planning real-time events.
We will cast and plan the optimal influencer according to purpose and budget. It is possible to cast from top influencer to micro influencer. We will also report engagements and other reporting.
It is an advertising business that can plan advertisement and advertisement on SNS. We will plan based on event visitor data.
SNS photo print service that can be operated unattended for commercial facilities. It is characterized by less maintenance work and easy to understand operation method. You can use accumulated data for advertisement distribution and analysis.