SNS Photo Print Sevice

#SnSnap Pro


A high-grade model
that can print photographs posted on social media
on original cards and also print on the back side.


Print a photo which has been posted on social media with the specified # (hashtag) on a plastic card which can be designed on both sides. It can also be utilized as a lottery function by preparing multiple card designs and printing them randomly. It is possible to stream advertisement (commercial) video for 10 seconds while printing.

sample_1 sample_2 sample_3 sample_4


size use


・外形寸法 : W:370mm、H:1,130mm、D:600mm

・ディスプレイ寸法 : W : 2,470mm , H : 1,980mm

・設置条件 : WiFiもしくは有線LAN環境 、スペース:1.5㎡

・出力可能な製品:プラスチックカード(W:54mm ,H:85.6mm , D:0.7mm)

・Design area: whole body, card (both sides)

・External dimensions: W:370mm、H:1,130mm、D:600mm

・Display size: W : 2,470mm , H : 1,980mm

・Installation conditions : Wi-Fi or wired LAN environment, space 1.5㎡

・Outputable products:plastic cards(W:54mm ,H:85.6mm , D:0.7mm)