Camera Service, Digital Installation, SNS Photo Print Service
2018年全場所で実施が決定している日本相撲協会様の「Instagramキャンペーン」をSnSnapが担当しております。 ①公式Instagramアカウントの認知拡大と登録者増加、②来場者へのファンサービス、③投稿により来場者以外の若年層へ相撲に興味を持ってもらうこと(口コミ効果)、の3点を目的としてキャンペーンを実施。当初の想定よりも幅広い年齢層の方々にご利用いただき、開始時間には行列が出来るほど大好評の施策となり、SNS上だけでなく会場でも多くのお客様に楽しんでいただくことができました。
SnSnap is partially in charge of the “Instagram Campaign” project for the Japanese Sumo Association which is implemented in all sumo wrestling locations for 2018. ①Increase awareness of the official Instagram account and followers ② Provide more fan service to visitors ③ A campaign which relies on word-of-mouth to increase interest in sumo wrestling among the younger generation apart from those in attendance. Participants were from a wider age range than originally expected and it was a successful project indicated by the long line of participants waiting to try out the services. Improving visitor satisfaction was possible by implementing different services including: preparing and providing 15 types of card designs, having 4 types of frames available for selection, and preparing a variety of original items.
[Service Introduction and Results]
■ In the January sumo location, 15 types of card designs were printed randomly with #SnSnap Pro. #MirrorSnap was also offered to capture photos with digital frames with nishikie (color print) designs.
■ In the March sumo location, we provided #MirrorSnap with a popular nishikie design frame from the January location and an animation frame of Hiyo no yama taking part in sumo.
■ In the May sumo location, “Commemorative Photo Area with Sekitori Frame!” and “#Oshi Rikishi Campaign” were held. We introduced #MirrorSnapPro and had participants select their favorite design from four “Sekitori Frames” and provided the photo data and original design cards to take home.