Camera Service



Captures the moment with multiple cameras,
a 3D photo like a scene was cut out of the moment.


Combine the data taken simultaneously from multiple angles and generate a 3D photo. By synthesizing logo design and animation frame on the captured data, the vision and "special feeling" can be expressed. A 3D photo which cannot be taken with an ordinary camera or smartphone is created. It is also possible to attach an option to print data on the card and take it home as a commemoration gift.


size use

・カラータイプ : ブラック/ホワイト


・外形寸法 : W:1,494(747×2)mm、H:1,130mm/1,415mm、D:400mm×2台※4台利用することで16個のカメラでの撮影も可能

・設置条件 : WiFiもしくは有線LAN環境


・出力可能な製品:両面デザイン可能のプラスチックカード(W:54mm ,H:85.6mm ,D:0.7mm)

・Color type : black/white

・Design area:Digital Frame(Animation is possible)

・External dimensions : W:1,494(747×2)mm、H:1,130mm/1,415mm、D:400mm×2units
※Photoshoot with 16 cameras by utilizing 4 units

・Installation conditions: Wi-Fi or wired LAN environment

・Data delivery method:email address, QR code, AirDrop, become friends on LINE

・Outputable products:Plastic card with double-sided design(W:54mm ,H:85.6mm ,D:0.7mm)