Spotify presents Early Noise Special





Planning, Digital Installation, Digital Service, Photo Video Booth
2019年3月28日(木)に開催されたSpotify presents Early Noise Specialのオフィシャルフォトブースのデザインプロデュースを行い、#SwingSnap、#SnSnapWallを導入いただきました。
Generosity took charge of the design and production of the official photo booth for “Spotify Presents Early Noise Special,” an event staged this March 28. Mobilized as key features at for that high-profile gathering were the #SwingSnap and #SnSnapWall systems.
For #SwingSnap, photo sessions were accompanied by showering of the guests with confetti. This helped generate 3D-oriented photos geared to further enhance the sense of energy and visual depth.
It was also arranged for the artists performing on the occasion to experience these effects, with that photo data promptly projected on a display set up at the photo booth entrance. This special touch enabled visitors to heighten their enjoyment by striking the same poses as the artists that they admire.