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富士フイルム / flarosso
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富士フイルムが提供するカラーメイクシリーズ「ASTALIFT flarosso」の2019年春夏新色コレクション限定体験イベント「flarosso Island」において、イベント全体の企画からデザイン、制作までをプロデュースいたしました。

「flarosso Island」の世界観を意識した会場の装飾デザインや商品の購買促進、魅力訴求につなげるための体験型コンテンツ導入を行いました。



会場は、2019年春の新色テーマである"地中海で過ごす夏のヴァカンス"をイメージ。「どんな1日もヴァカンスになる」というテーマを元に設計したデザインは、「船から島に入る」というストーリーを感じられるクリエイティブで表現しました。入島券を持って会場内に入ると、ピンクの船 "flarosso ship"にまるで乗っているかのような雰囲気を感じられ、奥へ進むと地中海の島をイメージした 「flarosso island」が眼前に広がります。



 #MirrorSnapを利用することで、「flarosso Island」のリップを実際にタッチアップするのではなく、モニター上で8種類のカラーリングをお試しいただけます。ご自身に似合うカラーを手軽に見つけることが可能です。




This April, Generosity organized all major aspects of “flarosso Island,” a special event presented to showcase the new Spring-Summer 2019 New Color Collection for “ASTALIFT flarosso” (the color makeup series from Fuji Film Corporation). Our contributions stretched from planning of the overall gathering through specific onsite designs and the general production.

Eye-catching highlights of the undertaking included decorative designs keenly reflecting the “flarosso Island” worldview, in tandem with use of experience-format contents to promote product purchases and generate maximum appeal for the lineup.

Visitors exceeded 150% of the originally targeted gate, with related social media postings surging to triple the number prior to the event’s holding.

◆ General Design

The event site was elaborately portrayed in the image of “Mediterranean Summer Vacation” – the collection’s Spring 2019 New Color theme. The design was evolved from the concept of “Transforming any day into a vacation,” creatively conveyed along the storyline of “Embarking from ship to island.”

Entering the venue with an “Island Excursion Pass” in hand, visitors were quickly enveloped in the sensation of boarding a darling pink vessel christened the “flarosso ship.” Moving deeper into the hall, the key attraction of “flarosso Island,” exquisitely staged in the image of a Mediterranean isle, breathtakingly expanded before everyone’s eyes.

◆ #SnSnap Contents


With #MirrorSnap units installed, guests were able to sample “flarosso Island” lip rouge selections without resorting to actual application. Monitors were furnished for digital experiences of eight different shades, empowering visitors to readily discover the colors best attuned to their own personal features and tastes.


Similarly mobilized was #MagicClip,” opening the door to simulated experiences of actually strolling along Mediterranean Sea beaches. Thanks to swift scene changes between morning, afternoon and evening, the beach ambience was enjoyed in three distinctive visual patterns.

<#SnSnap Cheki>

Guests could attach the “#Summer flarosso” hashtag to photos taken at the event, then upload those shots on social media and print out the images on “Cheki” instant cameras. The system was equipped with a lottery function, with winners receiving special limited edition presents.