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SNS Photo Print Service, Camera Service, Digital Installation
10月22日に開催された『GQ JAPAN』創刊15周年記念パーティのオフィシャルフォトスポットとして「#SwingSnap」、「#MirrorSnap」、会場内のコミュニケーション、撮影促進のため「#SnSnapWall」を導入いただきました。「#MirrorSnap」では15周年限定デザインのデジタルフレームを4種類ご用意。お気に入りのデザインフレームを選ぶところから楽しんでいただきました。

また11月21日に開催された「GQ MEN OF THE YEAR 2018」では、会場内に当日のお写真をオリジナルカードにプリントする「#SnSnapPro」と、 #MOTYJP で投稿された画像・動画を投影する「#SnSnapWall」を導入いただきました。

受賞者懇親会の会場では「#MirrorSnap」を設置し、GQ JAPANのSNSとの連動施策も行いました。
On October 22, our #SwingSnap and #MirrorSnap units excelled as official photo spots at a gala party commemorating the 15th anniversary of the launch of GQ JAPAN magazine. The #SnSnapWall was also on hand, installed to further encourage picture taking.

With #MirrorSnap, four different types of digital frames, all exclusively designed for this 15th anniversary occasion, emerged as a major draw. Partygoers clearly enjoyed the ability to choose from among those frames to fit their particular tastes and moods.

The next major GQ event was “GQ Men of the Year 2018,” staged on November 21, with Generosity a key player at that festive gathering as well. Our contributions included the #SnSnapPro for printing photos taken onsite onto original cards, and a #SnSnapWall installation for immaculately projecting still and moving images submitted via #MOTYJP.

At the location of a get-together for award winners held later, a #MirrorSnap unit was featured to help foster prolific linkage between GQ Japan and social media.