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タレントでモデルの小嶋陽菜さんが企画・プロデュースを手がけるブランド”Her lip to” Limited Store のPress Dayとsweet collection 2019に #MirrorSnap を導入いただきました。
Her lip to Spring Summer Collection の世界観が溢れるアニメーションフレームをご用意し、来場者の皆様に楽しんでご体験いただけました。
#Mirror Snap was a featured presence at the Limited Store Press Day and Sweet Collection 2019 for “Her lip to” – a cutting edge clothing brand conceived and produced by well-known celebrity and model Haruna Kojima.
The onsite units were instilled with animation frames overflowing with the “Her lip to” Spring Summer Collection worldview, ensuring extra enjoyable experiences for visitors to the event.
In such formats, #MirrorSnap can readily serve up contents mobilizing design-loaded animation to convey selected brand visions, helping to promote related comments and other postings to social media.