NHK FootballFesival




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2018 FIFA ワールド杯のパブリックビューイングイベント「NHK FootballFesival」へ、4サービスを同時提供いたしました。限定フレームで静止画の撮影が可能な#MirrorSnap(3台)、360°動画撮影が可能な#WARP、3Dフォト撮影が可能な#SwingSnap、縦型画角に対応した新感覚動画の撮影が可能な#MagicClip(2台)の計4サービスを会場内に設置。複数サービスを同時に導入することで、全サービスを試してみたいという来場者の興味・関心が高まり、その結果全サービスの体験者数が増加しました。





Four of our camera models were successfully implemented for the first time at the “NHK Football Festival” held at NHK Hall on June 19th, 2018. Three units of #MirrorSnap—the leader in camera services, #WARP—capable of capturing 360-degree videos, #SwingSnap—capable of capturing 3D photos, and two units of #MagicClip—a video service providing a new sensation which is compatible to vertical angle views. A total of four services were offered at the venue. Due to simultaneously offering multiple services, a number of visitors were interesting in experiencing all services.

【Service Introduction and Results】

• Capture 360-degree movies by selecting a destination to warp including the stadium field, locker room, etc. with #WARP

• Capture powerful 3D photos with a soccer ball and backdrop of cheering fans with #SwingSnap

• A design that shows supportive messages when shaking a flag and a design to decorate a newspaper cover. Choose from these two designs with #MagicClip

• Facial recognition technology to choose between Japan/Colombia flags and soccer ball face painting with #MirrorSnap